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Category: Kitten Season

Kitten Weight

Weight gain is directly related to overall health and growth of your kitten and is a very important step in […]

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Kitten Feeding

Always make sure kitten is warm before you feed. Never feed a cold kitten. Feed with kitten formula, such as […]

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Kitten Health

Kittens may be prone to illness due to their unique set of vulnerabilities. It is crucial as a caregiver to […]

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Kitten Cleaning

If a kitten needs to be cleaned up, wash only certain parts of their little body with a washcloth, never […]

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Kitten Nest

Making a Comfy Home Kittens can get cold easily, which can be life-threatening. From the moment you find them, keep […]

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Kitten Behavior

Kittens are very curious and like to run, jump and climb.  Remove all breakable and dangerous items from their reach. [...]

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