Chipotle, March 29: Cause a purrito effect

Cause a purrito effect at Chipotle - March 29

April 15: Bow Wow Brunch

Bow Wow Brunch


The only thing keeping her alive was hope.

The only thing keeping her alive was hope.

When Maizey came to us, she was so pregnant she could hardly walk, and suffering from painful open wounds on her head. Within hours, she gave birth to six beautiful pups. With puppy and kitten season coming on now, we’ll see so many more scared, pregnant homeless dogs like Maizey finding their way to the shelter. Give Now!

Letter from the President
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Dear Friends

Your support of the work we do here at the Atlanta Humane Society is incredible. Your donations enable us to provide animals in need the care and love they deserve. And, especially in the springtime, your support enables us to care for an influx of tiny puppies and kittens who come to us seeking love. When you choose to support the animals, and these tiny puppies and kittens, you’re choosing to give them love, often for the first [...]

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Dudley desperately needed our help. This gentle 7-year-old lived his life completely outside behind a chain link fence- exposed to all sorts of weather and without enough love or proper care. He was suffering from [...]

Class of 2018 Heroes

The AHS Heroes is an annual program, designed by nomination, to connect professionals and animal advocates in Atlanta with community service, philanthropy and networking opportunities while providing fundraising support for key AHS programs during [...]


When Butterscotch came into our care from Dekalb County Animal Services, she was covered head-to-toe in painful open sores, her skin infested with itchy mites.  Although we could tell she was uncomfortable, Butterscotch's sweet personality [...]

The only thing keeping her alive was hope.

Chances are, you won’t get to meet most of the animals you’ve helped save. You’ll just have to imagine the wagging tails, the contented purring and the love that exists between literally thousands [...]

Upcoming Events

Will there be puppies at an event near you? We have a lot of exciting events coming up. Check them out now and mark your calendars! March 20, 2018: Our annual Georgia's Cutest Pet Photo [...]

ZOOPAWS – Atlanta’s Pet Adoption Event

Join Zoo Atlanta and the Atlanta Humane Society for Atlanta's Pet Adoption Event on April 28, 2018 at Zoo Atlanta! ZOOPAWS Atlanta’s Pet Adoption Event April 28, 2018 Zoo Atlanta We'll have [...]


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Give Hope to Homeless and Abused Animals

When homeless and abused animals come through the doors of the Atlanta Humane Society, they are scared. Hurting. Alone. Many have seen the worst of the world, and we are their last hope. Your gift allows us to give them that hope. To care for them. To love them. To heal them. Give Now!