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There’s nothing cuter than playful kittens or curious puppies… unless there are hundreds of them — and every part of their lives and futures depends entirely on you!

Then, it’s less “cute” and more of an overwhelming challenge! And that’s exactly what we’re facing at the Atlanta Humane Society right now. This baby boom begins every year at this time — the result of the early spring mating season.

We urgently need your help to welcome in and care for this new wave of homeless kittens and puppies in the metro Atlanta area.

Their needs will be as varied and diverse as the creatures themselves — from vaccinations and antibiotics to round-the-clock bottle-feeding and even emergency surgery. Spay and neuter procedures are also critically important to keep the homeless pet population under control, because kittens can begin having litters before they’re 6 months old and puppies aren’t far behind.

Your support will make a lifesaving difference by helping provide:

• Shelter and socialization
• Comprehensive medical care
• Love, compassion and forever homes

Last year, Scooter and his siblings, along with mom Millie, were dropped off at an overcrowded rural shelter, shivering and starving. Millie — not even two years old herself — had already had multiple litters in her short life. She was struggling to survive, and doing all she could to be a good mother to her babies.

The little family was transferred to the Atlanta Humane Society from the shelter partner. We bathed and brushed their matted coats, and filled their empty tummies with nourishing meals — and some extra treats. A waiting foster family was soon providing lifesaving love and care. With your support, these precious lives have been saved.

But there are so many more “Scooters” and “Millies”… sweet, innocent kittens and puppies, cats and dogs who need daily care, skillful treatment and good homes. Their futures are in the hands of kind people like you.

So please, give as generously as you’re able today.

Thank you in advance for your loyal support — and for helping rescue the most adorable, vulnerable and needy members of our community.


Cal Morgan
President and CEO

April 3, 2018