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As a donor, you’re providing more care, support, and homes for our city’s animals.

Update your Donor Information

Start by logging into our donor hub below. Your username will be your email address. Once you’re in the hub, you’ll be able to update email preferences, gift schedule, and contact information.

Member Login

Instructions for Logging In
1. Your User Name = your email
2. To setup a password, click ‘Forgot Password?’ or ‘Click here to create password’
3. Once you login, Click on My Profile
4. Click on Service Center
5. Click on Make A Recurring Gift [View Details]
6. Click on Payment Method [Edit] and change your cc#, date, and/or amount

Take our Annual Loyal Friend Survey

Every year, we ask our dedicated friends and supporters to participate in the Atlanta Humane Society’s Annual Loyal Friend Survey. There’s no better way to be of service to the animals in our care than to get the valued input of their strongest advocates. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts on:

  • The programs and services we offer to rescue and heal Atlanta’s animals in need
  • How our work can best align with the causes you most care about — and keep you informed about the animals you save through your support
  • How best to reach out to other animal lovers just like you to garner more support and save more lives

Your opinion matters to us and, as a dedicated friend to Atlanta’s animals in need, we want your voice to be heard.

If you have any concerns or questions about your donation or monthly gift that can’t be solved here, please contact Chelsea Ericson at [email protected]

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