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Surrendering an Animal

Surrendering an Animal

Surrendering an Animal

We require an appointment to surrender your animal, and often, our appointments are booked a few weeks out. Because of this, we offer pet owners looking to surrender their animals with resources on how to start the rehoming process themselves.

Please note that to start the animal surrender process with us, you are required to fill out our animal admissions form.

If you have already submitted an animal surrender form and are waiting to hear back, we appreciate your patience. We receive a large number of rehoming requests each day, but we can only take in an animal once another animal has been adopted. Please utilize our animal rehoming tips while you’re waiting for our team to reach back out to you. If we’re able to take your animal, it can be anywhere from a few days to 3-4 weeks until we have space to intake them into our facility. While you wait for a response, please read through our resources for pet owners looking to rehome a pet.

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