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Dudley desperately needed our help. This gentle 7-year-old lived his life completely outside behind a chain link fence- exposed to all sorts of weather and without enough love or proper care. He was suffering from an ear infection, severe dental disease, and an itchy skin condition that was causing his hair to fall out. He was covered in fleas, and his eyes were pleading for help. 

Dudley's tail

We took Dudley into our care and immediately provided him with the medical attention he needed. He received a warm bath to soothe his itchy skin, ointment for his painful ear infection, and a gentle cleaning for his bothersome dental disease. He is loved by all of our staff, and thanks to your support, this sweet guy will be available for adoption soon!


Your donation right now enables us to rescue animals like Dudley from hopeless situations. 


March 21, 2018