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A kind man came to our Howell Mill Campus with a tiny puppy curled up in his arms. She was all but skin and bones, and only had a few tiny patches of fur on her body. We rushed her into care and named her Maggie.

Sweet Maggie is suffering from mange, an extremely itchy skin infection. Her skin was so sore and irritated, it felt like it was on fire.

We gave her lots of cuddles, a dose of antibiotics and a foster home to recover in.

But yesterday morning, her foster mom called in a panic. Maggie had taken a turn for the worse. She rushed her to our shelter medicine team who immediately started caring for Maggie.

She was lethargic, refused to eat, and so cold, her temperature wouldn’t even register on the thermometer. The mange had compromised her immune system, and she had quickly fallen seriously ill.

Maggie needed support, and she needed it immediately.

Her blood pressure was so low, we struggled to get her the IV fluids she so desperately needed.

We covered her in blankets and warm IV bags, and when we were finally able to get an IV in her, we pumped her tiny body full of warm fluids.

But Maggie was fading, and we weren’t sure if she was going to make it through last night.

One of our UGA externs nursed her all night, feeding her baby food, providing her love, and keeping her warm and hydrated.

And, in the middle of the night, Maggie finally lifted her head.

Today, we’ve been continuing to care for Maggie, but this sweet little puppy isn’t out of the woods. She needs around-the-clock care and a lot of medical attention.

Please, help us provide a second chance to Maggie. Donate now to help care for her.

Want to learn more about Maggie? Click here for the latest update on Maggie.

April 18, 2018

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