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Kittens may be prone to illness due to their unique set of vulnerabilities. It is crucial as a caregiver to have a basic understanding of what a potential problem may look like. Being able to spot the signs in the early stages of an ailment, gives you a head start to seeking your regular veterinarian’s guidance. Staying on top of your kitten’s well-being will guarantee growing a strong and healthy kitten!     

How and when to use Bene-Bac and FortiFlora

Are your kittens experiencing frequent diarrhea? If so, we have included some products that may be able to help balance the bacterial upset by using naturally occurring microorganisms!

Un-weaned Kittens (Under 4 weeks of age)

  • Use Bene-Bac tube
  • Administer a pea sized drop of the gel into the bottle of formula before feeding
  • Shake well to combine

Weaned Kittens (Over 4 weeks of age)

  • Use FortiFlora
  • Sprinkle contents of one (1) pouch into wet food slurry or dry food
  • Mix to combine
May 6, 2020

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