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chance atlanta humane blog
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Our new Atlanta Animal Center is designed to increase our support of volunteer foster families, helping to ensure that animals in need have loving foster homes while they wait for their forever family.

Enhancing our support of volunteer foster families is critical for animals like Chance, who has been in our care for an extended time. Living in a foster home has allowed him to decompress away from other dogs and also helped us to treat his heartworm disease.

Our new Atlanta Animal Center will feature a separate entrance for the Foster Team that will streamline our processes and and ensure that foster parents have access to all of the supplies and assistance they need. With separate parking, office spaces for counseling, holding spaces for animals waiting to be picked up, and a dedicated exam room, the Foster Team’s processes will be much more streamlined. Increasing the number of animals in foster homes means that the Atlanta Humane Society can bring in more animals and save more lives.

In the video below, Kelly Teasley, Foster Manager at the Atlanta Humane Society, addresses how impactful the new facilities will be for our volunteer fosters.

kelly teasley preview
September 26, 2022

Warrior Puppy Lightbox