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Snow is one of nine dogs that the Atlanta Humane Society took in from a shelter in Albany, GA during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, several of their staff members broke with COVID-19, and they were unable to care for the animals in their facilities, so we were happy to help.

When we first met Snow, it was obvious that life hadn’t been too kind to her.

Thin white dog

She was thin, dirty, and after some initial tests, we also suspected she was deaf. Snow immediately became a staff favorite because despite all she had been through, her bright and playful personality continued to shine through.

Dog with sad face

Snow has never met a person she doesn’t love, and she’s what many people call a “Velcro dog”- meaning she won’t leave your side no matter what! No matter what else is going on, her only focus is on people and getting as much love and affection as she can.

Dog in person's lap

Her goofy smile and genuine love for people stole our hearts, and now that Snow has been cleared for adoption, we just know she’ll steal your heart too. Although she is okay walking by other dogs in public, Snow would prefer to be the only dog in your home. She’s looking for a unique home that understands her special needs and who would be willing to help her learn sign language!

Happy dog rolling around

Apply to adopt this adorable girl by clicking here, and Snow promises to be your best friend for life!

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