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Earlier this spring Albany, GA was hit by a devastating tornado. This tornado hit one of Albany Humane Society’s crucial foster homes, and it completely destroyed the house and the area designated for the foster dogs. 

Luckily, all the animals living in this home were safely recused, sustaining only minor injuries. However, there was nowhere to house these survivors amidst the wreckage.  Albany Humane Society is one of our statewide program partners, so we immediately stepped in to offer our support.

The Atlanta Humane Society was able to order pop-up dog kennels and doghouses for Albany Humane Society to pick up the next day and set up at another foster’s home. This allowed the dogs to be looked after while the original foster rebuilds.

After Albany’s clear-the-shelter plea during COVID-19 saw many of the tornado dogs rescued, they were able to use the emptied kennels to rescue another 22 dogs. We were happy to lend a helping hand to Albany Humane Society and are grateful for all the work they are able to continue to do.

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