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When our Shelter Medicine Team began evaluating Snapp’s health, they noticed something that needed to be addressed right away.

Snapp had a significant heart murmur and painful dermatitis caused by untreated allergies. We were able to send Snapp to a cardiovascular specialist as well as a dermatologist to have his heart and skin condition examined.

The cardiologist determined that the left side of Snapp’s heart is enlarged but is hopeful that he can still live a long and happy life, and the dermatologist has started Snapp on a specialized allergy treatment plan. He eats a prescription diet and an allergy plan prescribed by a dermatologist.

Snapp is a sweet 3-year-old that would love to curl up in your lap all day and give you kisses. He is currently living in a foster home with another cat but has lived in a previous foster with a dog. Snapp also qualifies for our Foster First Program, which means you can foster him for 14 days prior to adoption to ensure he’s the perfect fit for your family!

To apply to adopt Snapp, or apply to foster-to-adopt him through our Foster First Program, fill out a pre-adoption application form today.

Pre-Adoption Application


November 17, 2020