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It was a normal day on the construction site… until it wasn’t.

As a worker was weed whacking, he didn’t see them until it was too late. Three tiny kittens, just a few weeks old, were hidden by the tall grass, and his weed whacker had already done irreparable damage.
The piercing, anguish-filled meows were heartbreaking, and these tiny kittens were rushed into our care. One lost a toe, one lost a leg and his tail and sustained a large gash on his belly, and one kitten miraculously escaped unharmed.
We are administering pain medication and antibiotics as well as feeding these three-week-old kittens every few hours. They will need surgery to completely repair their injuries, but they’re just too small right now.
Your donation is urgently needed to provide the supportive care they need until they’re big enough for surgery. Please donate now, and your gift will be DOUBLED by a generous matching donor through August 31.