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When Karamel came to our doors, our Shelter Medicine Team was shocked.

She is extremely underweight, with every rib and vertebra easily visible. The tips of her ears are black and jagged, leading our team to believe they had been burned.

Our friends at Fulton County Animal Services brought Karamel to us so that we could provide her with medical care.

It takes a lot of work to make sure that animals like Karamel can be cared for. It requires partnerships with other animal welfare organizations to ensure that we can take in the animals who are most medically or behaviorally in need. It demands passionate team members who drop everything to rush to their side. And it needs a community of animal lovers, like you, supporting those people and providing them with resources to give medical care and behavior support.

We believe that every animal deserves individualized care. And as a no-kill shelter, we’re committed to being there for animals in need, no matter what their needs are and for however long they need us.

Last year, our Shelter Medicine Team treated 682 animals who were suffering from illness or disease, and our foster caregivers took 2,805 animals into their homes.

As Karamel goes into a foster home to heal, we’ll keep you updated. You can learn more about the support we provide our community’s animals by reading our 2022 Impact Report.

If you’d like to support our mission and Atlanta’s animals, please make a donation today.

March 7, 2023

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