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2022 Impact Report

Thanks to your support of the Atlanta Humane Society in 2022, we were able to impact the lives of 55,055 animals throughout the Southeast. You helped ensure that animals were rescued, provided with specialized medical and behavior support, and adopted into loving homes. And thanks to you, we were able to provide free pet food to our human service partners and affordable veterinary care to pet owners so they could keep caring for the pets they love.

126,362 services to animals
These services include adoption, medical care, access to pet owner resources, support to our county shelters and rescue organizations, rescue and disaster relief, and more.
5,484 animals adopted
Your support made so much possible in 2021, including helping 5,159 animals get adopted into loving homes.

Caring for our Community’s Animals

Community Outreach


Our Community Outreach Team works closely with human service and animal welfare organizations to provide free pet food to those who need it. We support organizations including Meals on Wheels Atlanta and the people they serve by ensuring they have pet food on their shelves. We help our animal welfare partners, including Planned PEThood of Georgia, W-Underdogs, PAWS Atlanta, Paws Between Homes, Lifeline Animal Project & Community Cat Program, Terrell County Animal Control, Newnan-Coweta Humane Society, Tri-State Humane Society, and Clayton County Animal Control, to help lift the burden of costs associated with feeding their shelter pets. We also provide free cat food and community cat housing to trap-neuter-return caregivers throughout the state to support them in their work each day. In 2022, we provided 368,000 pounds of free pet food to our community partners, which was enough to provide 612,063 meals to pets in need.

The large donation of pet food and cat litter was used to supplement our foster homes. With over 100 fosters at any given time, we sometimes cannot fulfill all of the food and litter needs. Our fosters were extremely grateful for the opportunity to have extra items to choose from, including special toys, treats, collars, and sweaters, for their own personal pets as a thank you.

Planned PEThood of Georgia

Resource Center


Our bilingual Resource Center receives more than 5,000 inquiries each month from community members who are looking to adopt, in need of affordable veterinary care, or have questions about caring for their pet. Last year, they helped provide 27,787 community members with the animal welfare resources for which they were looking.

Shelter Medicine


In addition to providing care for the animals in our shelters, our Shelter Medicine Team also provides reduced-cost spay and neuter surgeries to other animal welfare groups who don’t have a robust Shelter Medicine Program. Last year, they performed spay and neuter surgeries on 739 shelter animals from other organizations so they could be quickly placed for adoption, in addition to the 3,503 spay and neuter surgeries they performed on animals at Atlanta Humane.

Veterinary Center


Our Veterinary Center provides affordable care to our community and, last year alone, cared for 3,867 animals. They offer preventative services, including vaccines, annual exams, spay and neuter surgeries, and microchips, and can provide clients with dental surgeries, heartworm treatment, and diagnostic services when needed. Last year, we also moved into a new location near the East Lake community and changed our name to Remedy: Your Community Vet to better help represent the quality, accessible care they provide.

Animal Protection Unit


Our Animal Protection Unit works closely with local law enforcement and other animal welfare organizations facing natural or man-made disasters. Last year, they rescued 186 animals from disaster or neglect.

Sheltering the Defenseless

Puppy Being Examined

Our Shelter Medicine Team is one of the first stops for every animal who comes through our door. They provide these animals with a head-to-toe exam and specialized medical care as needed. Last year, they treated 682 animals who were suffering from illness or disease.

Dog on porch

Our Behavior Team supports our animals by ensuring that both our shelter animals and animals in our foster homes receive enrichment and behavior training. Last year, they implemented 6,517 individualized care plans.

About Storm

Our holistic approach to caring for animals, including providing individualized enrichment and behavior care plans, is what sets us apart. We strive to support every animal through their entire shelter journey by caring for their emotional well-being alongside the physical and medical support we provide.

CJ Bentley, Vice President of Animal Welfare

kitten playing with toy

Our foster network has grown as we’ve placed more animals into foster homes to allow for us to intake more animals into our shelters. Last year, we had 637 active foster families who took 2,805 animals into their homes.

We also helped to increase the chance of a good adoption match and encourage adopters to see how an animal fit into their day-to-day life by offering a Foster First Program. This program enables adopters to take certain adoptable animals home for 2 weeks and see how they mesh with their lifestyles. During this time, we provide them with behavior support, advice, and guidance on how to ensure the animal settles in. Usually, the adoption is finalized after this 2-week period, but when it’s not a good match, we welcome the animal back into our care with additional knowledge and insight into what lifestyle might be a good fit for them in the future.


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