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A red string was embedded deeply in her neck. The string had clearly been there for weeks or months – a result of severe neglect. As her neck grew, the string became tighter and tighter, eventually piercing her neck’s skin and muscle.

But Hannah couldn’t do anything about it. We can only imagine how many weeks and months she sat there wondering what was happening to her, wishing it would just end.

And then it did. Hannah was rushed into our care. She was rushed into the arms of our Shelter Medicine Team who gave her a gentle squeeze, put her under anesthesia and immediately performed the delicate surgery to remove the string.

When Hannah awoke, her wounds had been cleaned, she had been given pain medication, and she had been placed onto a soft warm blanket. When our Shelter Medicine Team saw her eyes open, they went to her, gave her a soft pet and told her she was going to be alright. They warmed up some soft food and gently fed it to her.

When Hannah was in a stable condition, they placed her into a foster home. And there, she thrived. 

And after receiving lots of love and care, Hannah was ready to find her forever home.  She was ready to never again be a victim of cruelty.

You can care for animals who have been victims of cruelty and neglect now.