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BISSELL Pet Foundation has awarded the Atlanta Humane Society a lifesaving grant that will treat shelter dogs diagnosed with heartworm in the coming months. The “Healing Heartworm” grant will allow the Atlanta Humane Society to cover the expenses related to identifying, healing, and preventing this deadly disease in dogs in our community.

Thousands of heartworm-positive dogs enter shelters every year. A dog who is heartworm positive can be harder to adopt because of the treatment cost that adopters might have to take on. The “Healing Heartworm” program was launched as an effort to eliminate these obstacles by providing the funds to get medication for treatment and prevention.

BISSELL Pet Foundation and the Atlanta Humane Society will also provide education to adopters and pet owners about heartworm and work to limit the risk for pets in the Atlanta community. Heartworm is an easily preventable disease with monthly medication provided by a veterinarian. Dogs who are unprotected can become infected through mosquito bites, and tragically, when left untreated, heartworm can be potentially fatal.

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November 23, 2021