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Summer can be brutal for homeless dogs and cats. Deadly diseases like parvo and heartworm are rampant, and animals struggle daily to find the food and water to survive. With your support, we can take them in and place them all in forever, loving homes. Donate Now.

Letter from the President

From the President: March, 2017

Dear Friends: Advancing animal welfare and improving the lives of animals in the Southeast is the duty of our entire community. This community includes animal welfare advocates and supporters like you as well as the many animal welfare organizations in our area. Collaborations between these animal welfare organizations are key, especially considering our goals are all the same – to save animal lives. This year, we strived to lead these collaborations. Made possible by support from [...]

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The Value of Preparation

When we decide to acquire a dog, we know that we will need to have certain tools and supplies in place before the dog arrives. Those who have owned dogs previously wouldn’t even think of [...]

Searching for a Hospice Home

One day, Smooches woke up and her owner was no longer there.  She had known her for her entire life, lived with her and was loved by her for 15 amazing years. But one day, [...]


Gecko was thrown from a moving vehicle and hit by a car. His back two legs were broken. Now, he requires daily pain medication, bandage changes, X-rays, and specialized care. Your gift now can help [...]

Kelly was left in a box

The doorbell rang, and when she got there, no one was at at the door. A figured darted away into the distance, and she heard a small whimper. When she looked down, she saw a [...]

Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

Fourth of July celebrations are wonderful opportunities for family and friends to gather and celebrate our nation’s independence.  These celebrations include camping, picnics, barbecues and of course, fireworks.  Many of our pets are as intrepid [...]