2X Matching Gift Challenge

2X Matching Gift Challenge

Your donation will DOUBLE to save twice as many homeless animals! Please help rescue homeless and neglected cats and dogs in Georgia. Your support will provide them with lifesaving medical care, food, shelter and loving families. Have Your Gift Matched!

Letter from the President
  • 2X Matching Gift Challenge

2X Matching Gift Challenge

I have outstanding news that I can’t wait to share: Every dollar you give by August 31 to help the sickest and most fragile animals brought to AHS will be matched by a group of our major donors — up to $200,000! That means your gift will be doubled — essentially helping save twice as many animals . . . This matching opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time. Our shelter is full of abandoned, abused and [...]

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Rocko came to us from Clayton County Animal Control, and although it was clear that he had experienced severe trauma in his life, his eyes were trusting and kind.    Deep, severe scars covered his [...]


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She was hiding at a construction site. Scared, alone, covered in filth, and suffering from a painful eye infection. A kind man saw her, swooped her up and brought her to his local county shelter, [...]

Kroger Community Rewards

Your Kroger cart isn’t quite full unless you’re supporting the animals at the Atlanta Humane Society through the Kroger Community Rewards program. You can designate the reward points you earn by shopping at Kroger to [...]