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Atlanta Humane’s new Pets in Crisis Support (PICS) Program provides temporary foster housing to pets of families who are facing crisis such as eviction, hospitalization, or domestic abuse for up to 90 days so these pets can be reunited with their families.

Interested in becoming a foster for this program? 
A successful Pets in Crisis Support foster enjoys serving as a “link in the chain” between an unfortunate crisis situation and a happy reunion between the pet and their person.  The PICS foster understands that they are helping a neighbor in need – albeit one they won’t meet face to face – by providing a temporary safe harbor for that neighbor’s pet.  PICS clients are pet parents who are currently experiencing a crisis, such as housing loss (eviction), domestic violence, or an acute medical need. ​

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Why is this program and having fosters who can help so important?

  • In 2023, well over 100,000 eviction cases were filed in the five Metro Atlanta Counties.​
  • Nearly 50% of domestic violence survivors delay leaving abusers due to fear for their pets’ safety.​
  • 71% of women in domestic violence shelters report their abuser threatened, injured, or killed a pet.​

Our Pets in Crisis Support Program steps in during these situations so that loving pet owners do not have to permanently surrender their pets to a shelter during a temporary crisis.


Need help for your pet?

We currently work directly with Paws Between Homes and Ahimsa House on requests for animals in need. Right now, we are not directly intaking animals in need, but we are providing resources including veterinary care and fosters to both of these organizations to increase their capacity to intake more animals. If you are facing a domestic violence situation, please contact Ahimsa House. If you’re facing eviction, please request help by filling out the form for Paws Between Homes.

March 28, 2024

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