Give today to save animals like Toby

Your support does incredible things year-round for the Atlanta Humane Society. Because of your gifts, so many homeless and neglected animals in our community get a second chance. Every gift you give to AHS is put to use thoughtfully and efficiently to help as many animals as possible.

Your generous support gives these homeless and abused animals the second chance they deserve. And with your gift today, you can help more vulnerable animals in our community —like Toby.

Toby was just two months old when he arrived at AHS, small, fragile and broken. His front leg was fractured and every excited hop ended in immense pain. He wanted nothing more than to play like a normal puppy, but he just couldn’t. With his bones still growing, Toby’s leg was placed in a cast. A foster caregiver provided him love, cuddles and lots of crate rest. Our Shelter Medicine Team kept a close eye on Toby to ensure that his bone was healing correctly.

Compassionate friends like you saved Toby’s life.

After weeks of rest, Toby’s leg healed, and he was finally able to get his cast off. This sweet puppy had melted our hearts, and the moment his new family laid eyes on him, he captured theirs, too.

When you give to AHS, you are helping make more stories like Toby’s possible.

Your donation helps provide dogs and cats with:

  • Care and shelter
  • Medical services, vaccinations, and spay/neuter surgeries
  • Adoption services and behavioral training that ensures a smooth transition into new loving homes
  • And so much more!

As a nonprofit organization, we steward your support to make the largest impact for our city and our animals. Every gift you give is put to use efficiently to ensure that each animal receives exactly what he or she needs to achieve a better life.

Today, I hope you’ll commit to helping even more dogs and cats in our community by donating to save animals just like Toby.

Thank you for partnering with us in this incredible work.


Cal Morgan
President and CEO