Dog left on a chain during a rain storm

AHS receives way too many calls from the community regarding dogs left outside at all times of the year and in all sorts of weather.

With your support, we’re going to do something about it. This Saturday is the start of AHS Safety Drops. Food, doghouses, straw and other supplies will be dropped off for dogs in serious need.

Your donation right now will be doubled to provide them safety.

  • $45 becomes $90 to provide food, straw bedding and water for a starving and cold dog
  • $150 becomes $300 to provide shelter for a dog left outside during the winter
  • $264 becomes $528 to remove a dog from danger and find them a loving home

Our Animal Protection Unit will be walking the streets this winter to ensure Atlanta’s dogs and cats are safe, but they can only do it with your support.

Please, donate now to provide safety for animals in need.

For the animals,

Cal Morgan