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Set up a routine for your dog

Dog Routine

Dog Routine

Consistency is key when training new things. Setting a daily routine for your dog will help them acclimate to their new home more quickly and establish expectations from both you and your dog.

Who’s hungry?

Set feeding times for your dog so they get used to eating at the same time each day.

Walk it out

Take your dog outside for walks a few times throughout the day to give them time to use the bathroom. You will start to learn your new dog’s bathroom schedule as time goes on.

Exercise Time

Dogs need to expend their energy throughout the day. Spend time with your dog and give them proper exercise. This can be done in a lot of ways, from long walks or going on runs to playing fetch in the backyard. Not only will this be a fun time for your dog, but it will also strengthen the bond between you two.

Sleepy Time

Their crate or bed should be in the room you would like the dog to sleep in. Their sleeping space should be safe, easily accessible, and quiet. If you allow them to sleep in your bed, get ready for them to take over every inch!


Training helps with physical and mental stimulation for your dog. Training will help strengthen your relationship with your new dog and will also help with basic manners and socialization. Our partners at Barking Hound Village will be able to assist you with professional training guidance.

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Prevent Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can quickly become an issue for dogs, especially if you’re working from home often. You can help prevent separation anxiety by making your dog’s crate a fun place to be. Try placing a toy and some treats in their crate and leaving for short trips. This will help them connect positive experiences with being alone. Don’t make a big fuss of coming or going, and your dog will begin to pay less attention to it.