Reese was brought to the Atlanta Humane Society just in time. As a full grown Labrador Retriever, he weighed a meager 45 pounds– he was starving.

He needed immediate medical care, and your support allowed us to provide it.

Your donation now will ensure we’re able to continue to be there for Reese and animals just like him.

Reese was severely emaciated, and his advanced malnutrition led to further complications; he could barely stand on his own, and he seemed to be visually impaired. Our Shelter Medicine Team rushed to his side. Your gift now ensures we will always be able to provide high quality care to animals who need it as desperately as Reese did.

We immediately performed bloodwork, X-rays, and other special tests to determine the extent of the damage that such extreme malnutrition had done to Reese’s fragile body. The prognosis did not look good, and we were not sure that Reese was going to make it.

Despite our worst  fears, Reese was determined to live, and he grew stronger day by day. He found an amazing foster home where he has been eating a carefully monitored and specialized diet to ensure that he gains weight at a healthy pace.

Reese still has a long road to recovery ahead of him, but he has started to put on weight, and his eyesight is slowly returning. His recovery is nothing short of a miracle, and without the expertise of our Shelter Medicine Team and generous donations from supporters like you, this miracle might not have been possible.

Your gift now will help save the lives of animals just like Reese.