The test was positive. Our worst fears were confirmed, and little Max had was diagnosed with deadly parvovirus. His body shook with chills, his stomach hurt so badly that he couldn’t bare to eat, and he had never felt so terrible.

In most shelters throughout the Southeast, parvo is a death sentence for puppies. But luckily for Max, he will receive top-quality care in the Atlanta Humane Society’s Parvo Treatment Ward, which is made possible by your generous support.

Puppy affected from Parvo

Unfortunately, Max is not the only puppy battling parvo at the Atlanta Humane Society. In fact, right now there are over 30 puppies being treated and quarantined for this potentially deadly disease, and your help is urgently needed.

Please help us treat 50 sick puppies by donating toward our goal of $5,000.

Dog affected from Parvo

Our expert Shelter Medicine Team comes in early and stays late every day to provide top-quality, life-saving care to these puppies who are fighting for their lives. They administer medication, fluids, critical-care food, and ensure that these tiny patients are warm, comfortable, and loved.

Dog affected from Parvo

Your donation right now can save the life of a puppy in our Parvo Treatment Ward. Please donate today.