Maizey came into our care terrified, so pregnant that she could barely walk, and with multiple open wounds on her head. Your support allowed us to provide the critical care she needed.

After being examined by our Shelter Medicine Team, we discovered that she was only hours away from giving birth.

After a warm, soothing bath, Maizey was quickly moved into a loving AHS foster home to prepare to have her precious puppies.

Within hours, Maizey had given birth to six beautiful babies, and they’re all the spitting image of their mom!

She and her puppies are loving life in their AHS foster home, and they’re soaking up all the love that they can.

Soon they’ll be big enough to take on the world, but for now this sweet family has a warm, safe place to rest and grow together. 

Your support allows us to provide a safe place for new families like Maizey and her puppies. 

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