Kushy wasn’t alone when she came to us! She arrived at the Atlanta Humane Society with her sweet puppy, Manny, who she’d been taking care of for weeks. But Kushy needed some care herself. She was suffering from heartworms, intestinal worms, and a stomach bug. Raising a puppy is hard work, but especially when you don’t feel good.  We happily took them both in, and Kushy finally got some much needed rest. 

Sweet Kushy is a loving elderly dog. She loves to lay in the sun and watch the cars go by. She enjoys a nice nap, and loves people. We hope she finds a forever home with someone who loves to cuddle and who can give Kushy all the love she deserves!

Manny was quickly adopted, and Kushy is feeling much better. She continues to receive her heartworm treatment (which is fully covered for her adopters by AHS!) and is looking forward to finding her forever home soon!