This litter of six puppies had been thoughtlessly left in a car on a hot summer day. They were left there for hours before a good Samaritan found them and called their local Animal Control Department.

By the time they were rescued, several of the puppies were unconscious from heat exhaustion, and no one was sure that they would make it. 

They were panting, dehydrated, and in desperate need of emergency care. Miraculously, every puppy from the litter survived this horrible situation, and they were transferred to the Atlanta Humane Society for continued care and adoption. 

Now, these puppies are all living in happy, forever homes thanks to the kindness of a stranger. Let this serve as an important reminder… never, ever leave your pet in you car! Cracked windows are simply insufficient to provide adequate air flow, so when in doubt, leave your pets at home where it’s cool and you can save a life!

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