We heard tiny, desperate meows coming from a small crate that had been dropped off in front of our Admissions department and immediately rushed to see what was inside. Much to our surprise, we found two tiny kittens that needed love and care.

Upon closer inspection, one of the two kittens was screaming in pain as soon as she was touched. Our Shelter Medicine Team immediately examined her and found that one of her back legs was gravely injured.

X-rays revealed a completely broken leg, which was causing tiny Eloise immense pain. While we prepared her for surgery, we gave Eloise pain medication to ease her discomfort and a soft bed to rest on. 

While Eloise’s leg was too injured to save, her amputation surgery was a complete success, and she began adjusting to life on three legs as soon as she woke up. Thanks to our Shelter Medicine Team and your support, little Eloise will now live a life free of pain. As soon as she finishes recovering in a loving foster home, she will be made available for adoption.

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