August 23, 2018 is the 5-year anniversary of the second largest dog-fighting bust in U.S. history (“367 case”). 367 dogs were found living in deplorable conditions after raids were conducted in Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. The ASPCA partnered with the United States Attorney’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to remove the dogs from the horrendous conditions and bring them to safety. 

At the request of the ASPCA, the Atlanta Humane Society took in 20 of the dogs from this dog-fighting case and housed them for many months while the criminal case was ongoing. Once charges were brought against the offenders and sentences decided in court, all of the dogs were placed up for adoption at the Atlanta Humane Society- including Solomon, who had captured the hearts of many AHS Staff.

Soloman was a large 3-month-old puppy when he arrived at the Atlanta Humane Society, and for 7 months he was cared for every single day by Atlanta Humane Society Staff, Volunteers, and foster parents. One particular staff member grew extremely close to him, and cried tears of joy the day that Solomon and the rest of the 20 “367 Case” dogs were released by the courts and finally available for adoption. 


Solomon was soon adopted by this same AHS Staff member, and he remains her loyal companion, her fierce protector, and her very best friend. 

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