Our friends at a tiny animal rescue in Irwinton, GA reached out to ask a big favor… they weren’t sure what was the matter with a little puppy in their care, but they knew something wasn’t right. He couldn’t bear any weight on his front left leg, and it seemed to cause him a lot of trouble.

Your support made it possible for us to say yes.

Dabble's x-ray

Our Shelter Medicine Team immediately took sweet little Dabble in for x-rays, and what they found was surprising. A rare deformity caused Dabble’s bones to grow incorrectly- his ulna didn’t grow as long as it should have, and that created a bow in Dabble’s leg.

Dabble with mask on

His deformity caused lameness and months of struggle for poor Dabble, so our expert Veterinarians made the decision to remove Dabble’s deformed front leg. His surgery went well, and soon Dabble was recovering like a champ!

Dabble with leg removed

He still had quite a bit of healing to do, so Dabble was placed in a loving AHS foster home where he has learned some basic manners and received lots of love. Soon, Dabble will have the staples removed from his incision and will be placed up for adoption! 


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