Hiccup came to the Atlanta Humane Society from an overcrowded rural shelter. In his previous home, he'd fallen off a table and injured his spine. He was struggling to walk, so we took him into our care to ensure he got the care he needed. After performing x-rays, we're happy to share that little Hiccup is [...]

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Tangelo came from very humble beginnings. His mother was one of over 40 dogs kept in deplorable conditions at puppy mill in middle Georgia, and by the time we arrived, she was extremely pregnant. She had been forced to give birth to litter after litter of puppies just for profit.  Within 48 hours of being [...]

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Piper was found with her head completely stuck in a drainage pipe. Her fur was caked in blood, and we don't know how long she suffered like that before she was found. Our friends at Gordon County Animal Control called and asked for our help to treat Piper's injuries and find her the perfect forever [...]

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Right before the holidays, Athena experienced a huge loss. Her owner passed away, and she found herself homeless and hopeless. She had lived her entire life outside and was desperate for love and for a place to call home.  As soon as Athena walked through the doors of our Mansell location, we immediately noticed the [...]

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When Stravinsky arrived at the Atlanta Humane Society, he was just a tiny 8-week-old kitten. The overcrowded rural shelter he came from didn't know about his serious heart condition, but as soon as our Shelter Medicine Team placed a stethoscope on his tiny chest, they knew something was the matter.  This sweet kitten was diagnosed [...]

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More than Just Kitten Season

While the discovery of unattended kittens, baby birds, or even bunnies can seem like a heartwarming chance to save a life, the best course of action may not be what you think. It's not just kitten season - it's everything season! As counter intuitive as it may seem, the most important thing you can do [...]

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Buy A Tag. Save A Life.

When you renew your tags, consider a #GeorgiaPetFoundation tag. $19 of the $25 specialty tag fee will fund local spay/neuter initiatives. It's a sustainable funding source to end pet overpopulation in Georgia. Purchase Georgia Pet Foundation spay/neuter license through your county tax office. Expect tag to be delivered to your address approximately two weeks following [...]

5th Anniversary of Dog-Fighting Case

August 23, 2018 is the 5-year anniversary of the second largest dog-fighting bust in U.S. history (“367 case”). 367 dogs were found living in deplorable conditions after raids were conducted in Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. The ASPCA partnered with the United States Attorney’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to remove the dogs from the [...]


Honey was found lying helplessly on the street. You could immediately tell that he wasn't able to use his back legs.  He had wounds all over his body, and his paw pads were burned raw. We immediately administered vital fluids, pain medication, and critical nutrition food to comfort him through the night.  X-rays revealed that [...]

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