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The Atlanta Humane Society has welcomed three new board members to its board of directors. Simon Chio, Claire Jackson, and Dr. Todd Lavender all began their terms at the oldest, non-religious nonprofit in Atlanta today.

Simon Chio, recommended by former board member of Atlanta Humane, Jeff Ellis, is currently working with JP Morgan. He is also regular a foster parent of dogs at Atlanta Humane. Claire Jackson, recommended by former board chair Hod Nalle, is a longtime volunteer. Clair was a co-chair of the Atlanta Humane Society’s recent volunteer capital campaign. Dr. Todd Lavender is currently the President of VCA Animal Hospitals. Under his leadership, VCA supported the launch of Remedy: Your Community Vet, the Atlanta Humane Society’s veterinary clinic and is the organization’s first national board member.

“We’re excited to welcome these new and influential board members to Atlanta Humane. As we celebrate our 150th year serving Atlanta, we’re focused on bringing to life our big vision for the future of animal welfare in the Southeast,” said Cal Morgan, President and CEO of the Atlanta Humane Society. “These three new board members will help shape and guide this vision to make it become a reality.”

As the Atlanta Humane Society begins its 150th year of serving Atlanta, they are embarking on a bold vision for the future focused on keeping pets and their people together through innovative programs, increasing the number of affordable veterinary centers in the communities that need it the most, and ensuring pet owners have the resources they need before they are forced to surrender their beloved pet.

The new board members were unanimously approved by the current Atlanta Humane board at their November meeting and their terms will vary between 1 and 3 years according to the organization’s bylaws.


Simon Chio

“I want pets and their families across the city and country to have access to the best opportunities and resources, as well as to support the Atlanta Humane Society’s staff and volunteers who devote their time and energy to advance the mission,” said Simon Chio.




Claire Jackson

“Being on the board allows me, in my little corner of the world, to be an advocate for the dogs and cats of Atlanta and the Southeast. These animals teach us what it means to truly love. Animals don’t ask for much in life.  They ask for simple things like warmth, food, water, and the ability to run. In return they give us companionship, loyalty, and the best of all … unconditional love,” said Claire Jackson.



Dr. Todd Lavender 1

“The Atlanta Humane Society has been committed for generations to making sure animals get the care they need. This is a commitment that speaks to me personally as a native Atlantan who got a start in veterinary medicine by helping out at my family’s hospital in Roswell after school, owning a local hospital and then becoming a part of VCA’s network in and around the city,” said Dr. Lavender. “It’s an honor to join the board, and with the leadership of my friend Atlanta Humane President and CEO, Cal Morgan, we’ll make great progress in expanding access to quality veterinary care and setting up Atlanta Humane to serve as a real center for community support and outreach for decades more to come.”

January 24, 2023

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