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Say hello to Todd and Chief! These two boys are Bluetick Coonhound brothers who came to Atlanta Humane with spinal deformities and leg abnormalities that make them walk a bit differently from other dogs.

intake todd
intake chief

Todd and Chief instantly charmed the staff and volunteers at Atlanta Humane. With their sweet personalities and goofy movements, the two dogs quickly found foster homes to give them the one-on-one care that they required.

foster todd
foster chief

After being placed into foster homes, our team went to work. Specialists confirmed that the hounds’ condition couldn’t be fixed with medication or surgery, and they also assured us that the dogs were not in pain. With this knowledge, we formulated care plans to ensure that Todd and Chief had everything they needed to thrive. This included space to run around and strengthen their muscles along with physical therapy–both land and water–to help them grow stronger and learn how to use their legs better.

therapy todd
therapy chief 2

We’re thrilled to say that both of these loving boys found their forever homes.

Todd’s adopter has another dog and plenty of space for him to roam. He enjoys getting loved on by his new family and continues to go to water therapy on a weekly basis.

Chief went to home with 6 acres to run around on, 3 children, and another dog to play with. Two of the children have cerebral palsy, a disorder that affects a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture, and Chief is a big inspiration to them in overcoming their own physical challenges.

We are so thankful for our donors, fosters, and volunteers who help to make happy endings like these possible!

adoption todd
adoption chief
email chief running
November 17, 2022

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