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We think Sturgill is a truly special pup, but you don’t have to take our word for it! We’ve gathered some glowing 5-star reviews from the people who have spent the most time with him. From his playful antics to his loving nature, see what makes Sturgill stand out as the perfect addition to any family. For more details about this adorable dog, check out his adoption profile below.

Stugill's one of my all time favorite dogs. He's a perfect balance between affectionate and playful, with a zoomie gait that's a cross between a prance and a galumph.
- Stephen, Atlanta Humane Volunteer

I had Sturgill for overnight DDA and he was the perfect gentleman. Totally potty trained and well mannered.
- Candace, Atlanta Humane Foster Parent

Sturgill was always the best combination of fun, silly energy with the ability to chill and enjoy belly rubs!!! He loved a good long walk and would then relax by my side.
- Carolyn, Atlanta Humane Volunteer

Sturgill is an A+ kinda dog! He’s up for whatever kind of day you want whether lounging on the couch, a long hike, or a trip to the local cafe, he is down for anything! He not only loves every person he meets, but does well with other dogs and kids. He would be a perfect choice for a first time dog owner and a family.
- Emma, Atlanta Humane Staff

May 31, 2024