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When Snow first arrived at the Atlanta Humane Society, we knew something was very wrong. Both of her eyes were clouded over, and one of them was extremely swollen and causing her immense pain. Our Shelter Medicine Team went to work on sweet Snow’s eyes, and they soon realized it was worse than we thought.

Snow, pre-surgery, with cloudy eyes

At only 8 weeks old, little Snow was completely blind in both eyes. She had glaucoma, and her condition was not curable. In order to alleviate her pain, our skilled Veterinarians carefully removed both of Snow’s eyes. She was placed in a loving Atlanta Humane Society foster home to heal, and soon she was bouncing around like a normal puppy!

Snow, post surgery

After Snow recovered from her surgery, she found the perfect forever home! Her new family understands Snow’s special needs and will cherish her forever.

Snow, resting comfortably

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May 30, 2018