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Sausage’s story begins with his rescue from the streets by an animal control agency. This adorable pup, estimated to be only 8-10 months old, was severely underweight at just 28 pounds. His condition was a clear sign that he had faced a tough start in life.

When the shelter reached out for help, we knew we couldn’t turn Sausage away.

Upon his arrival, our Shelter Medicine team discovered that Sausage was suffering from a bone infection, anemia, swollen elbows—a common condition in dogs kept in wire cages—along with poor skin and severely damaged teeth for his age.

Despite these hardships, Sausage’s kind eyes and gentle demeanor shone through, revealing a sweet but nervous soul in need of love and care.

We have started Sausage on a medical plan that we are sure will give him what he needs to get healthy and thrive.

Part of this includes placing him in a foster home, where he can receive the dedicated care and attention he deserves in a comforting environment. This will not only help him physically but also emotionally, as he learns to trust and feel safe again.

Sausage’s journey to recovery is just beginning, and with your support, we can ensure he and many other animals like him receive the care they need. Your generous donation to Atlanta Humane will help us provide medical treatment, nutritious food, and a safe haven for animals who have nowhere else to turn.

Please consider making a donation today to give animals like Sausage a second chance at a happy and healthy life. Together, we can make a difference.

Update as of July 15, 2024:

We are thrilled to report that Sausage is already improving! He’s steadier on his feet, brighter, and the swelling in his right hindlimb has significantly decreased.

But his journey is far from over. Your support is crucial to help Sausage and many other animals like him receive the care they need.

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