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quesadilla headshot
quesadilla sitting

Meet Quesadilla, a small guy who is loaded with cuteness, not too spicy, and full of flavor! Living in a foster home, Quesadilla has had the opportunity to become comfortable with people and new surroundings. He’s not the stand-offish cat we all know and love; he’s the one that will greet your guests at the door.

Though he may look serious, Quesadilla is a playful cat. He loves to play with his toys and is always up for a treat or snack. Looking for conversation? Quesadilla’s your guy. He loves to talk, and his little noises are nothing but adorable. Do you want a cat to love on and be a part of your family? Because this little grey cutie is looking for a family who will play with him, pet him, and love on him. What’s better than that?

Quesadilla qualifies for Foster First, which means you can foster him for 14 days prior to adoption to ensure he’s the perfect fit for your family! Currently, Quesadilla is in foster so you can learn how to meet him at the link below.

May 15, 2023