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URGENT: Moments ago we received a call about a 10-day-old kitten who was being tossed into the air and dropped repeatedly by some children. An Animal Control Officer intervened and brought the kitten to the Atlanta Humane Society for urgent medical care. Penny is in critical condition.

Your donation right now will be matched to support her during these next 24 critical hours.

We’ve named her Penny, and right now she could use all the lucky pennies in the world to survive the abuse she endured. She is struggling to hold her head up, so our Shelter Medicine Team put her in a tiny neck brace. We also fear she might have swelling in her brain, so we placed her in an oxygen box to get her tiny body what it needs.

She desperately needs your support right now, and your donation will be matched when you give in the next 24 hours, before Friday at midnight. She’ll need to be monitored every moment overnight to ensure she is still breathing and comfortable.

Will you help care for tiny Penny?

August 19, 2021