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Short Cake is a 10-month-old puppy who has yet to grow into her full stature, but she is never short on love and energy! This happy girl loves everyone she meets, so don’t be surprised if she crawls right into your lap for some snuggles.

Like many puppies, Short Cake is rambunctious and can get over-excited about, well, everything! Life is very exciting through Short Cake’s eyes, so she’ll be sure to show you how fun life can be. She’s currently learning proper manners at the shelter, but she would also greatly benefit from the structure and routine of a dedicated and caring family that can help polish those skills.

Short Cake is interested in other dogs but hasn’t quite gotten the hang of reading their social cues. She would do best with a dog friend of her own size who likes to play but can also help her learn to chill. Dogs often learn from other dogs, so she’ll start to better understand boundaries if another confident pup helps her along. Our Adoptions Team can help facilitate a meet and greet with your current dog(s) to ensure they would be OK with Short Cake’s boundless energy.

Short Cake loves long walks and rough-housing, so her perfect family would be a very active one. Since she has not learned the concept of personal space just yet, she would probably not do well with small children.

May 23, 2023