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Lizzie is a three-year-old Beagle mix who had a very rough start in life. Despite her early abuse, Lizzie has a very sweet, calm temperament. She looks up at you with beautiful, trusting brown eyes and loves people and all animals.

Lizzie and her seven young puppies were picked up by county animal control outside a home that had multiple female dogs who were not spayed and several pregnant and nursing dogs. The owners weren’t taking care of them, so they turned the dogs over to the county.

Leia (the brown pup in the photo) was lost when the dogs were picked up and was on her own for several days until she was found and reunited with her family.

Due to overcrowding at the county shelter, our Transport Coordinator brought Lizzie and her young litter to us. AHS partners with about 80 shelters throughout the state, to take in dogs and cats who need care that smaller shelters do not have the resources to provide.

Lizzie was not healthy, and her pups were younger than eight weeks old, so they were placed with a foster family to get the extra care they needed.

Lizzie’s amazing foster mom has fostered more than 20 litters for us in the last 11 years. Besides loving and caring for them, her foster mom also socialized Lizzie and her pups. They had never been indoors and were afraid to come inside. She taught them to come into the house, as well as basic commands like “sit.” She socialized them with her cat, three dogs, children and family.

In addition to having numerous consecutive litters of pups which had damaged her health, Lizzie was also heartworm-positive. Once she had been nursed back to health with medical treatment by the AHS vet staff and care and love from her foster mom, Lizzie was healthy enough to be spayed. She also began the difficult process of heartworm treatments.

Lizzie’s pups were available for adoption at eight weeks, and the cute pups were all adopted into happy homes immediately. Lizzie was also soon adopted into her forever home, where she is now spoiled with the love and attention she so deserves. She loves to play and will sit to be petted for hours. This holiday season, Lizzie is in a home filled with love.

From Leia’s new Dad (pictured to the left): “Leia is a full-on puppy. She likes to sniff, lick, chew, and play with everything. She is extremely energetic with lots of life and keeps me going. I love her to death. I am soooo happy with my decision to adopt her!”

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November 2, 2016

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