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beanie leaves
beanie play yard
beanie inquisitive

Sure, it’s the ears that will grab your attention, but it’s Beanie’s sweet, affectionate nature that will have you falling in love with her!

Beanie is a busy girl and will be a great playmate and friend for you. She’s working hard on her leash manners in hopes of being your walking buddy, too. If you have another dog, she’d love to meet them because she thinks it would be so much fun to have a dog brother or sister to play with. Cats and children, however, are not her vibe because she’s a bit too excitable.

When Beanie is tuckered out from playing hard most of the day, she sleeps all night long in her crate. She also doesn’t mind going in her crate for naps or quiet time during the day. She’ll be so happy if you toss a treat in with her!

Beanie is housebroken and would prefer to live in a house rather than an apartment. This is because of her energy levels and her fear of elevators, which can be quite confusing for a dog!

This lovable, friendly girl is ready to settle in and be part of your family. We’re pretty sure her sweet dreams are made up of tennis balls, cuddles, and her forever home!

If you think Beanie is the one for you, click below to learn more about her and then fill out a pre-adoption application to meet her. She also qualifies for our Foster First Program, which means you can take her home for two weeks prior to adoption to ensure she’s the right fit for you.

March 13, 2023