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The holidays are upon us, and while it’s a wonderful time of the year for family, friends, and food, it can be troubling for our pets. Read our four top tips for keeping your animals happy and healthy throughout the holiday season.

  1. Keep pets from eating or playing with decor, such as trees, tinsel, ornaments, candles, and more. Holiday decor may look pretty, but it can be dangerous for our pets if ingested. Ornaments can also shatter, posing a risk for sensitive paws!
  2. Provide a safe, quiet space for pets to go to during parties and family gatherings. Our animals may love attention, but visitors and noise can be overwhelming. Spaces like a crate or quiet room provide a retreat from the commotion of the holidays.
  3. Keep an eye on your festive feast! Make sure food is out of reach. Monitor pets during food preparation and meal times if they’re a little too interested. It may be best to separate them from the snacks. Resist the urge to share your meal, too–many of our foods aren’t safe for pets.
  4. Offer pet-friendly alternatives to holiday activities. While we can’t share our meals or decorations with our animals, we can still show them a jolly good time. Treat your pet to a special toy or activity to help them celebrate the season!
December 23, 2022