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When little Hemlock came into our care, she was distressed.

Two good Samaritans had found her at a gas station on a scorching hot summer day. At just 1.5 pounds, the tiny kitten was covered in fleas, dehydrated, and appeared to have a badly broken leg.

That’s when Atlanta Humane stepped in. Our Shelter Medicine Team immediately provided Hemlock with water, flea treatments, and pain medication to make her comfortable while they performed X-rays.

The X-rays showed a previous fracture that had caused her bone to break through the skin in addition to multiple newer fractures that prevented her from putting weight on her left rear leg.

It’s difficult to think about what would have happened if Hemlock hadn’t been found and brought into our care. As she continues to undergo treatment, we also recognize that none of her specialized care would be possible without our community’s support of our Shelter Medicine Team.

Hemlock’s story is, sadly, a common one. Hundreds of animals just like her come through our doors needing specialized, and sometimes intensive, medical treatment. And when they’re fragile kittens like Hemlock, it’s important for them to receive medical care right away.

Every animal deserves a lifesaving miracle, and we’ll keep you updated on Hemlock’s journey.

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