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keke ribbon toy
keke headshot
keke sitting between bookcases

At 7 years of age, Keke is no digital neophyte. This Cat TV, cat video, interactive gaming gal can hang with any digital native and may even squish up behind you in your desk chair as you work to be close to the action. Multidimensional in her play, she’s just as happy with old-school wand toys and food puzzles as long as there is a challenge or something to chase.

As an independent spirit, Kiki likes to call the shots. And we can’t blame her! She was brought to Atlanta Humane as a Hurricane Ian evacuee, so she’s been through the wringer. She’ll let you know when she does and doesn’t want to be petted, so she would do best in a forever home that doesn’t have small children or other cats in case they don’t pick up on her signals. That said, give her a soft bed or comfortable couch and she will happily spend hours curled up beside her favorite human, mesmerizing them with her beautiful emerald eyes.

If you are ready to “interact” with the digital diva Keke, game on! Click below to fill out a pre-adoption application to set up a meet and greet.  Keke also qualifies for our Foster First Program, which means you can take her home for two weeks prior to finalizing her adoption to ensure she’s a good fit for your lifestyle.

June 7, 2023