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COVID-19 hit the city of Albany, GA hard. We received a call from our partners at Albany Humane Society after several of their staff tested positive for the virus and they were no longer able to care for the animals in their facility.

We knew we had to help, so we took 9 adult dogs into our care, 6 of which tested positive for heartworm disease. We knew that taking on so many new heartworm cases was a huge financial commitment, but we also knew it was the right thing to do. All 9 dogs arrived from Albany and settled in on their warm beds with full bellies of yummy Purina food.

Dog receiving medical exam

One of the dogs who arrived from Albany was Dawn. We were immediately struck by her effervescence and friendliness and were devastated to learn that she was one of the dogs with heartworm disease. Unfortunately, Dawn’s heartworm disease is severe- so severe that her body isn’t currently strong enough to withstand the necessary treatment.

Dog looking at camera

Our Shelter Medicine Team placed her on strict exercise restrictions and started her on medication to help her body start healing. Heartworm treatment typically lasts about 4 months, but Dawn’s case will last much longer. It will require months of steroids, antibiotics, routine check-ups, and expert care.

Dog being petted

But there’s one thing we know for sure: Dawn’s life is worth fighting for. She deserves a second chance at a good life where she’ll be loved and spoiled and receive all the medical care she needs to stay healthy, and we will keep fighting for Dawn until she has all that and more.

Dog getting belly rub

Your donation right now will help us care for Dawn and animals just like her. Please donate today.

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