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cooper smiling atlanta humane

Meet Cooper, a one-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier mix who is looking for a special forever home.

Cooper loves people, and his favorite activities are being pet and snuggling with his family. He also walks well on a leash, enjoys being around dogs and cats, and is learning to go on runs with his foster mom. He seems to get along with everyone and goes with the flow!

This wonderful dog is in need of a special home with a forever family that will love both him and his special needs. Cooper was born with only one kidney and it’s not working perfectly well. We aren’t sure how this will affect his future, but a special diet and regular vet checks will help his body stay strong.

Because of his kidney issues, Cooper occasionally leaks urine, which means he will likely need to wear a diaper or belly band for the rest of his life. But this easy-going guy is just fine with that; it doesn’t get him down and he likes wearing colorful clothes!

If you have a special place in your heart for Cooper, he will be your best friend for life. He also qualifies for our Foster First Program, which means you can take him home for two weeks prior to adopting him to ensure that you’re the perfect fit for one another.

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