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moses blog play yard
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His name might be Moses, but he goes by a lot of other names, like “Favorite,” “Best Boy,” and “Goofy.”

Volunteers line up to take him out and it’s mostly because he’s a big, goofy boy with a lot of love to give to his people. He loves being petted and will rub up against your leg to let you know when he wants attention.

Moses really enjoys staying active and chasing—but never catching!—his tennis balls. He has nice leash manners, so he would love to find a family to enjoy long walks or hikes with. He’s also very smart and already knows basic commands like “sit,” and he can be left alone at home without his family having to worry about how he’ll do. And because he’s food-motivated, there won’t be any difficulty with teaching him new skills!

Moses has enjoyed the company of other dogs, cats, and children in the past, so please bring your family members to meet him! Our Adoptions Team can facilitate introductions with any dogs already in your household to ensure they get along great.

Click below to learn more about Moses and how you can meet him.

October 9, 2023