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Just a few minutes after filling Aslyn’s water bowl, it was completely empty. So we filled it again, and the same thing happened again. Soon we realized that something might be happening in Aslyn’s tiny, fluffy body.

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Further diagnostics revealed that Aslyn has a rare condition called diabetes insipidus, otherwise known as water diabetes! His little body doesn’t properly produce the hormone that regulates water intake, so without medication, Aslyn can drink dozens of ounces of water per day.

kitten in Veterinary arms

While his condition is rare and might sound scary, it’s really not! Aslyn will live a totally normal, healthy life as long as his adopter does one of two things: 1) keep him on an inexpensive medication for life. He’s a great eater, so he takes his medication easily in food. Or 2) ensure that Aslyn always has access to more water than he could ever need and change his litter box frequently.

kitten on exam table

That’s it! Not so scary, right? This little fluff ball deserves to have a loving family of his own- let’s make it happen! If you think Aslyn would make a perfect addition to your home, please fill out the pre-adoption application, and an Atlanta Humane Society Adoption Counselor will review your application and be in touch as soon as possible!


Click Here to Adopt Aslyn

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