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All Arnie wanted was love, food, and a safe place to sleep. What he got was a heap of neglect and abuse.

When we received the plea for help from our friends at DeKalb County Animal Shelter, our hearts broke for sweet Arnie. At only 11 months old, he was covered head-to-toe in itchy mange, painful sores, and open wounds. He had an upper respiratory infection that needed immediate attention, and his paws were swollen and inflamed from his severe skin infection.

All Arnie had known in his short life was cruelty and neglect from the people he looked to for love and care.

Our Shelter Medicine Team provided Arnie with a soothing medicated bath, antibiotics for the infection, treatment for the itchy mange, and a lot of love.

Despite the neglect this pup has endured in his short life, we could tell he was truly grateful for his second chance. Thanks to your support, we were able to take immediate action and offer him the kind of comfort he had never known before.

Right now, there are many more animals in Atlanta who are the victims of horrible cruelty like Arnie. But, with your support, our new Animal Protection Unit (APU) can stop it. We won’t stand by as animals face cruelty, and our APU team is working tirelessly to investigate and prosecute cruelty cases.

Will you join us in ending animal cruelty by supporting our APU team?

Here’s what will happen: animals like Arnie will be rescued from these horrific situations. They will be treated with top-quality care by our Shelter Medicine Team. Like Arnie, their hair will grow back, they will grow healthy and trusting. Also like Arnie, they will become playful, affectionate companions to their loving, forever families.

Your loving support of AHS changed everything for Arnie. But so many other animals in the metro Atlanta area are suffering . . .

That’s why we urgently need your ongoing help. Your gift today will —

• Support our new Cruelty Investigation Division to stop animal abuse
• Rescue homeless and helpless animals from cruelty and neglect
• Provide emergency and long-term veterinary care
• Shelter animals until adoptive families can be found
• Rescue animals from cruel and life-threatening puppy mill and hoarding situations
• And so much more

Please, can we count on your ongoing support? Our finances are tight, and we want our APU to be there for animals suffering from cruelty and abuse.

When I see their big, trusting eyes looking back at me . . . I know I must never stop fighting to give them the safe homes and loving families they crave.

That’s why I’m turning to you. You are such a loyal friend to AHS and the cats and dogs in our care. If it’s at all possible, please make your next tax-deductible gift today. You’ll make your neighborhood and our entire community a more loving place — where even the animals’ dreams can come true.

On behalf of the animals, thank you!


Cal Morgan
President and CEO

September 5, 2018

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