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First, she’s sour. Then, she’s … slightly less sour?

We’ll be honest: Athena isn’t your regular, easygoing house cat. She may not even be a house cat at all! Athena has firm boundaries and isn’t shy about telling you when you’ve crossed them. Yes, she occasionally seeks out affection from humans, but don’t expect to pick her up for a snuggle session or disturb her afternoon nap. Coexisting from a distance is the name of the game, and Athena is a pro.

So who would be the perfect forever family for this Sour Patch Kid™? One with a rodent problem that needs top-notch pest control! If you’ve got an indoor/outdoor space, such as a barn, Athena would love to spend her days exploring, patrolling, and not being bothered by pesky humans.

If you don’t mind a little spice and could benefit from a critter patrol officer, stop by our Atlanta location to meet Athena! Our team of Adoption Counselors are ready to answer all of your questions.

October 19, 2023

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